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What You Can Do

Everyone has within them the power to make a difference, to help bring positive change to the lives of others. This simple truth guides EngenderHealth and its experts, who compiled the suggestions below for how anyone, anywhere can get involved.

Stay Informed

  1. Read up about international women’s issues and stay informed. Visit web sites and news sources like PLANetWIRE, RH Reality Check, and Women’s eNews.
  2. Travel to developing countries, volunteer your time and talents, and learn.
  3. Sign up for Connect or become a member of EngenderHealth to get monthly updates on what’s going on in the reproductive health field and learn how you can get involved.

Spread the Word

  1. Start a book club with your friends and neighbors to discuss Half the Sky and take action—write a letter, donate to a worthy organization like EngenderHealth, or volunteer—or you can do all three!
  2. Raise awareness about global women’s health by hosting a talk at your church, temple, mosque, or community center. Make it a fundraiser and support an organization like EngenderHealth while inspiring others to learn more about women’s issues.
  3. If you’re a parent, educate your kids about girls’ and women’s rights. If you’re a student, tell your classmates and start a discussion group. If you’re a teacher, plan a lesson about what is happening globally.
  4. Host a bake sale or other fundraiser in your community, school, or workplace that will go toward a cause that you care about, like EngenderHealth.
  5. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper calling for more attention to women’s issues.

Take Action

  1. Urge President Obama to nullify the “antiprostitution loyalty oath.”
  2. Write your Congressional representatives and urge them to support funding for international family planning and reproductive health.

Support Women’s Health Worldwide

  1. Invest in the future by investing in women. Give to EngenderHealth and know that your generosity will help transform lives for mothers, their families, and whole communities.
  2. Honor Dr. Allan Rosenfield, a pioneer in maternal health and former EngenderHealth Board member—make a donation in his memory to help improve maternal health around the world.
  3. Join EngenderHealth’s efforts to help transform the lives of women suffering from fistula: Donate now to the EngenderHealth Maternal Health Fund.