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Investing in Education

“It makes me very proud to see the younger girls I have worked with becoming leaders. Like me, they want to stay in school, have greater opportunities, and live a better, healthier life.”
—Mariel, one of more than 2,000 Guatemalan girls who have participated in Abriendo Oportunidades

Educating girls is paramount for improving societies everywhere. At the same time, health professionals need continuing education and training to provide the highest quality of care for those living in poor communities. Only then will the health of individuals improve and communities thrive. Plus, people will continue to seek health care if they trust that any encounter they have with the health care system is positive and effective.

Story from the Front Lines

In Guatemala, EngenderHealth is part of a consortium of partners that are expanding education and other opportunities for rural Mayan girls, the most marginalized group in that country. Read how one girl's life has been transformed.
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65 million

The number of girls aged 4-10 who are not in school, worldwide.
Source: UNICEF