Achieving a Fistula-Free Generation

Fistula is a devastating women’s health condition that has been rare in the United States and in Europe for more than a century. We have the solutions at hand to realize a fistula-free generation in our lifetime for women everywhere.

What will it take to achieve a fistula-free generation? Scroll down to find out how and what you can do, and watch videos from fistula survivors.

What will it take to achieve a fistula-free generation?

What you can do to help:

For more than a decade, governments, health institutions, and international and local organizations have been working to prevent and treat fistula. The tools and knowledge to end this devastating childbirth injury exist. Now, we need the political will and proper investments to bring these advances to women everywhere. To reach realize a fistula-free generation, we must:

Watch fistula survivors tell their stories

These videos are from fistula survivors in Uganda and Ethiopia, and represent just a fraction of the women we've helped around the world. Learn more about our global Fistula Care project.