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Five ways women, and the world, are held back when both men and women lack access to sexual and #reprohealth education and safe, voluntary #familyplanning methods: https://t.co/vfrNHirqEU

In our Austin-area adolescent sexual health program Re:MIX, young parents are peer educators, working w/ health educators & telling their stories. @SXSW @SXSWEDU peeps—check out this session in the #SXSWEDU #PanelPicker (and vote!): https://t.co/ovGTS1BBOY #YouthDay #SexEducation

Through our PhotoVoice project, Re:MIX youth Peer Educators are able to reflect on their own #SRHR experiences and in turn, better help students process sexual and gender content. https://t.co/kKxny6JSTi #youthday

6000 adolescent girls and young women become infected with HIV every week. Education plays a critical role in ensuring young women and girls have access to the HIV prevention info and services they need. https://t.co/gecJP98ZGx #YouthDay #TransformingEducation

[Blog] On #InternationalYouthDay we celebrate comprehensive life skills education for young ppl to support their right to gender-equitable sexual & reproductive health services & participating as equal members in society: https://t.co/A56ExV4Aqr

#youthday #SRHR

She has the right.

To information. To health care. To choose.

On #InternationalYouthDay we say that every girl and young woman must have access to sexual education. So she can make decisions about her body, her life & her future.

Only then can we truly #TransformEducation

We stand with you, Dr. Kanem (@Atayeshe) and @UNFPA!

Here's our #youthday blog on youth, #SRHR, and #genderequality: https://t.co/A56ExV4Aqr

"The potential of young people is limitless, if we can more effectively reach these young people with accurate, appropriate information and services that respect, protect, and fulfill their #humanrights." - Ana Aguilera, EngenderHealth https://t.co/2pnBT5BkE0 #youthday

Looking for resources on #SRHR for youth?

See our Key Topics page for a collection of papers related to Young People and SRHR: https://t.co/4JipIW4MyD

#EvidenceMatters #YouthDay #Adolescent

Nine lessons we learned from transitioning our Maternal and Reproductive Health Project project in Kigoma to the Government of Tanzania. https://t.co/t97PFamKdd #SRHR #maternalhealth

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June 24, 2019

EngenderHealth Welcomes Four New Members to its Board of Directors

Fatimata Sy, Juan Carlos Negrette, Ruby Aggarwal, Ruth J. Katz Join EngenderHealth Board

June 24, 2019 (Washington, DC)–Four leaders in the fields of public health and financial management have joined EngenderHealth’s Board of Directors. The new Board members officially joined during a meeting of the Board held earlier this month.

EngenderHealth Board Chair Robert D. Petty said, “Collectively, these four new members bring deep sector expertise and wide-ranging global experience that will grow the Board’s capabilities to steer EngenderHealth in its mission to improve lives and communities around the world.”

Fatimata SyFatimata Sy has more than 30 years of experience in development and public health programs. She has designed, managed, and evaluated programs in several African countries, including in her native Senegal, and has served as the Director of the Ouagadougou Partnership’s Coordination Unit since 2012. She has deep experience advocating to mobilize resources and build consensus with donors, multilaterals, nongovernmental organizations, and national and local governments. She speaks French, Wolof, Puular, and English.

“I am passionate about EngenderHealth’s work on sexual and reproductive health and rights and commitment to gender equality because I am an African woman,” said Sy. “In my career, I have seen the challenges women often face accessing health services and the barriers preventing many girls from accessing education. We must do everything we can to tear down the barriers that are holding them back. EngenderHealth’s work is essential in that effort.”


Juan Carlos NegretteJuan Carlos Negrette is the Director of Global Health at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. He has more than 30 years of international experience in health institutions management, strategic partnerships development, and program design and implementation. He has worked for programs spanning 20 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. He is fluent in Spanish and English.

“I learned about EngenderHealth in Colombia nearly 30 years ago,” said Negrette. “The organization helped women to assert their reproductive rights. EngenderHealth is still helping women to assert their reproductive rights today, and as they do so, society is getting better.”


Ruby AggarwalRuby Aggarwal has more than 25 years of experience as a corporate finance executive. At O’Connor Consulting and in her previous work, she advised nonprofit organizations, primarily as a Chief Financial Officer. Aggarwal is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Global Management Accountant. She speaks English and Hindi.

“EngenderHealth means a lot to me. I was born in India, at home,” said Aggarwal. “I understand the risks that are entailed. EngenderHealth helps to make women safe and successful—by enabling them to decide whether and when to have a child and by supporting the delivery of quality health services to women and mothers.”


Ruth KatzRuth J. Katz is the Vice President and Executive Director of the Health, Medicine, and Society Program at the Aspen Institute. Previously, Katz served as Chief Public Health Counsel with the Committee on Energy and Commerce in the U.S. House of Representatives. She has a long history in academia, specifically with George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Yale University’s School of Medicine.

“I first became passionate about sexual and reproductive health and rights while serving as Counsel for the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, where I worked on reproductive health issues,” said Katz. “It is evident to me that women will never get ahead, never realize their goals, and never attain the futures they want and deserve without policies and systems that honor their sexual and reproductive health and rights.”

Full bios of all Board members are available on the EngenderHealth website here.

About EngenderHealth

EngenderHealth is committed to creating transformative, sustainable change by delivering high-quality sexual, reproductive, and maternal health services; expanding access to information and training; and advancing acceptance of sexual and reproductive rights as human rights. To achieve this vision, EngenderHealth collaborates with governments, private sector partners, international experts, and local organizations and communities around the world to deliver programs that give girls and women freedom to reach their full potentials. www.engenderhealth.org


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