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COVID-19: How We’re Responding

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Why do we need gender balance in health decision-making? From Dr. Anne Schuchat at #WGHGeorgia Chapter launch👇:

☑️Diversity of experience helps make better decisions
☑️Increased participatory approaches in leadership
☑️More Inclusive policies from those with diverse backgrounds

As a journalist, activist, and diplomat, I’ve seen the world-changing impact of @USAID. At this critical moment, I feel immensely fortunate to have the chance to serve again, working with the incredible USAID team to confront COVID-19, climate change, humanitarian crises, & more. https://twitter.com/Transition46/status/1349361420174045186

Congratulations to Amb @SamanthaJPower, a leading advocate for human rights & global health, on her well-deserved nomination for @USAID Administrator. We look forward to continuing to work with USAID under her leadership to advance #SRHR around the world. http://bit.ly/2N1Klm6

The stages of SRH preparedness includes:

1️⃣ Initiating a systems approach to SRH preparedness
2️⃣ Assessing preparedness with available tools/stakeholders
3️⃣ Implementing policies and strategies

Click here to read more from our new toolkit: http://familyplanning2020.org/srh-toolkit

According to a new report from @OrchidProject, rates of #FGM/C are surging across East & West Africa, where #COVID19-related lockdowns are being seen as an opportunity to carry out #FGC undetected. More on the #pandemic's impact on #FGMC: http://n.pr/2LpymOy @NPRGoatsandSoda

Through our Her Space initiative, girls in Ethiopia are getting the support they need as they become young adults, by giving them the tools to reach their personal, social, safety & education goals. 
Learn more: http://bit.ly/39ekBtY

#GenerationEquality is all about creating safe, accessible, welcoming and encouraging spaces. Let's ensure our language and actions reflect respect and uplift diversity.

The first 2021 update from the sex-disaggregated #COVID19 data tracker is now available.

Explore the data now for insights on:
📌hospitalisations & ICU admissions ... by sex

Spot something we missed? Get in touch.

Explore here: http://globalhealth5050.org/covid19

#FP2020Progress is not possible without the support of the FP2020 partnership! 🙌

📣 Leaders, focal points, and advocates, join us for the launch event of the new partnership on January 26 at 8am EST.

Click here to register now: http://familyplanning2020.org/celebrating-progress

There is much work to do, good people, but we will continue to strive fueled on by the strength of our love for our communities!

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March 29, 2019

EngenderHealth Mourns the Loss of Dr. Isaac Achwal, Advocate for Women’s Health

March 29, 2019 (Nairobi and Washington, DC) – EngenderHealth – a global women’s health and sexual and reproductive rights organization – mourns the loss of Dr. Isaac Achwal, a long-time advocate for women’s health and reproductive rights who passed away earlier this month. Dr. Achwal, who has worked with EngenderHealth since 1999, served most recently as Senior Clinical Advisor.

Dr. Achwal had many achievements in two decades with EngenderHealth. He played a key role in EngenderHealth’s Fistula Care and Fistula Care Plus projects, leading to the launch of the East, Central and Southern Africa College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ECSACOG). He was also at the heart of the development of EngenderHealth’s quality improvement tools.

Traci L. Baird, MPH, President and CEO of EngenderHealth, said “Dr. Isaac Achwal was well-respected and valued—for his programmatic contributions, his passion for doing good in the world, and for his personality, which clearly touched the lives of those who had the opportunity to work with him. His loss is a reminder that a life well-lived can make a real difference in the lives of many others.”

EngenderHealth colleagues have shared remembrances of Dr. Achwal and messages of condolence for his loss, including the following:

His memory will always live in my heart and mind. It is a real monument that EngenderHealth is losing: a professional known for his rigor in the work, an outstanding achiever and performer, but at the same time a man flexible and affable in his relations with others.
Dr. Moustapha Diallo, Program Manager, EngenderHealth Guinea

Dr. Achwal will be remembered for the great contribution he made for improving the quality of life of millions of women of Kenya and other countries of Africa.
Dr. Nazmul Huda, Country Program Manager, EngenderHealth Bangladesh and Global Activities Manager, Fistula Care Plus Project

I was always most impressed by Isaac’s incredible breadth of knowledge and experience, his calm, caring, and deliberate manner in interacting with people, and his wry sense of humor – his laugh will be something I remember specifically about him. He was able to recognize humor and absurdity in situations, while giving a shake of the head and continuing to move forward in the most practical way… he will be greatly missed by many.
Karen Levin, Senior Program Associate for Monitoring and Evaluation, Fistula Care Plus

This is a tragic loss not only for the Fistula Care Plus family and East Africa region, but also to the whole of EngenderHealth. I have known Isaac since I joined EngenderHealth seven years ago. He worked in Uganda for some time and amazingly knew all corners of the country and was so well versed with the Uganda health care system. Because of this we would sometimes joke that he was more Ugandan than Kenyan! He was technically insightful and yet with a gentle approach. He was a great teacher, good leader, and mentor. We know that legends never die and so we shall continue with his legacy. Will greatly miss Isaac! 
Dr. Rose Mukisa, Country Program Manager, EngenderHealth Uganda

The loss to the Fistula Care Plus project cannot be measured. In many ways, Isaac was a trailblazer, and, in all ways, he was reliable, thorough, and caring. We will miss him.
Dr. Lauri Romanzi, Project Director, Fistula Care Plus


About EngenderHealth

EngenderHealth is committed to creating transformative, sustainable change by delivering high-quality sexual, reproductive, and maternal health services; expanding access to information and training; and advancing acceptance of sexual and reproductive rights as human rights. To achieve this vision, EngenderHealth collaborates with governments, private sector partners, international experts, and local organizations and communities around the world to deliver programs that give girls and women freedom to reach their full potentials. www.engenderhealth.org.


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