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Wise words from our #WCW , the fabulous @jk_rowling! Take power into your own hands & advocate for #ReproHealth: https://t.co/vPrn5at4Hd #WheresTheFP

Rashida survived her last pregnancy thanks to counseling from an EngenderHealth-trained health worker! https://t.co/5T7UtXgTHU

At least 1 in 5 refugees or displaced women in complex humanitarian settings have experienced sexual violence. This #WorldRefugeeDay, demand policies that can ensure their safety! #WithRefugees

“I don’t want to get married now. I want to become an architect,” says Yanal (16), a Syrian refugee in Jordan.

On #WorldRefugeeDay, we’re proud to stand #WithRefugees like Yanal who want to take notes in class not take vows in marriage: https://t.co/t24r3rEwgu


We love the pill & all other forms of contraception: allowing millions to plan & space pregnancies. How empowering is that?! #WheresTheFP

A life free of violence is a basic #humanright.
Women & girls should NEVER have to live in fear. #EndRapeinWar #EWECisME https://t.co/bEEYQ20Elc

Expanding access to #contraception & #familyplanning programs is one of the most cost-effective ways to break the cycle of poverty." #FP2020

.@nanditathatte of @IBPInitiative talking about the importance of evidence, advocacy, financing and implementation to achieve goals of #SRHRAgenda and advance #reprohealth for all. #IBPLondon2018

Obstetric #fistula, as @DrRomanzi notes at the #SafeSurgery4Women #WHA71 advocacy event, can be prevented by access to safe, affordable c-sections for all women. Watch the full conversation between #GlobalSurgeryChampions Dr. Romanzi and @BisolaObembe: https://t.co/YKCyEOXbs1

We know that #familyplanning is a force multiplier for a nation’s economy and prosperity. A new report from @Guttmacher lays out a roadmap for creating robust, rights-based #SRHR programs & services for women & girls worldwide: https://t.co/L97vscZFlY #SRHRagenda #FP2020Progress

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September 10, 2013

The X Factor

Investments in family planning offer immense opportunities for women worldwide, as well as global development overall. President and CEO Pamela Barnes presents the facts, figures, and real stories underpinning the benefits of family planning in “The X Factor: Why Investing In Family Planning Can Yield The Greatest Impact,” published on July 11 at Forbes Woman, and the Gates Foundation blog Impatient Optimists on July 12.

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