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January 15, 2013

EngenderHealth at the GMHC 2013

We are pleased to share the news that EngenderHealth will be participating in the upcoming Global Maternal Health Conference: Improving Quality of Care, in Arusha, Tanzania, January 15 to 17. This technical conference will bring together scientists, researchers, and policymakers to network, share knowledge, and build on progress toward improving quality of care for maternal health.

EngenderHealth staff will present on the following topics:

  • Richard Killian, Project Director and Country Representative, RESPOND Tanzania Project, will moderate a panel on Social Consequences of Maternal Complications, during which Dr. Md. Saikhul Islam Halal, Team Leader, Post-Partum Hemorrhage Prevention/Maternal Health, Mayer Hashi, Bangladesh, will present on “Changing Maternal Health Policy and Programs in Bangladesh: Misoprostol for Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage.” 
  • Karen Beattie, Project Director, Fistula Care, will moderate a panel on Lessons from Fistula Programs: How to Improve Access for Better Maternal Health Outcomes. She will also present in this panel on “Experiences of Women Seeking Fistula Treatment from Five Countries: Implications for Prevention and Treatment Services.”  
  • Evelyn Landry, Deputy Director, Fistula Care, will present on “Indications, Quality of Care and Outcomes for Cesarean Delivery: Results from a Five-Country Retrospective Record Review.”  
  • Carrie Ngongo, Senior Program Associate, Fistula Care, will moderate a panel on Quality Services: Putting Data to Use. She will also present in this panel on “Building Hospitals’ Capacity to Use Obstetric Fistula Monitoring Data in Decision-Making.” 
  • Dr. Joseph Ruminjo, Clinical Director, Fistula Care, will present on “Mortality Audits in Fistula Programs.”  
  • Lucy Asaba, Program Associate, Fistula Care, will present on “The Partograph Mentoring and Coaching Pilot in Uganda.”
  • Yared Kifle, Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor, ABRI, will present a poster on “Increasing the Uptake of Postabortion Family Planning in Ethiopia.”

Additional presentations will be given by Fistula Care partners:

  • Ahmed Mamane, Research and Program Assistant, Fistula Eradication Network (Réseau pour l’Eradication de la Fistule) in Niger, an EngenderHealth partner, will present on “Community-Owned Data Collection to Prevent Maternal Mortality and Morbidities in Niger.” 
  • Demba Traoré, Fistula Care Project Coordinator, and Ingrid Martens, Program Officer, both of IntraHealth International, an EngenderHealth partner in Mali, will present on “Integrating Family Planning into Obstetric Fistula Treatment Services: Experiences from Gao, Mali.”


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