Family planning is the key.

On July 11, a landmark summit in London will bring together global leaders from around the world to focus on a single, profoundly important topic: family planning.

Family planning is an extraordinarily simple tool that enables women to build a better future for themselves and for their families. The summit aims to garner the financial and political support needed to reach an additional 120 million women with family planning by 2020.

Help us harness the welcome energy and attention this event will produce by learning more about the exponential benefits of family planning for women and girls and what you can do to help.

Read our stories of success in the countries where we work.

Overcoming the odds to champion family planning in her community.

It's "the single most important thing that happened to me.”

Dispelling contraceptive myths and saving women’s lives.

Read a letter by EngenderHealth President and CEO Pamela Barnes, explaining EngenderHealth's commitment to family planning. President Barnes has also signed a letter with 20 other reproductive health CEOs to emphasize women's rights (68kb, PDF) at the family planning summit.

Also, check out our family planning technical resources.

Reaching 120 million more women with contraceptives by 2020 would prevent

200,000 maternal deaths.

Around the world, if a mother is
under 18 years of age, her baby is

60% more likely to die.

In 2012, due to complications of pregnancies they didn't want,

104,000 pregnant women will die.

Reaching 120 million more women with contraceptives by 2020 would prevent

3 million infant deaths.

Governments can save up to $6 on health, housing, water, and other services

for each $1
spent on family planning.

Worldwide, unintended pregnancy
is the leading cause of

death among teenage girls.

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