Travel with WTFP?!

Planning a vacay or staycation? Sweet. Take WTFP?! with you.

From the Grand Canyon to Ghana and everywhere in between, we’re asking #WheresTheFP?!

How?! It’s easy.

Step 1: Print out the WTFP?! sign you like the most, then hold the sign up loud and proud in a selfie from your trip.

Step 2: Share your gorgeous selfie on social media! You’re fabulous, darling, so why not?!

Step 3: Tag your location and use #WheresTheFP so we can find you!

Or, if you don't have a printed sign, upload your gorgeous face directly to our website and create your custom photo here.

Let’s shout it from the rooftops (and skyscrapers, beaches, and backyards) all over the world: Everyone has the right to access family planning, no matter where they live. So…WTFP?!

Download Your Fave Sign for Your Selfie


Sample Facebook Posts

  • Making the right choice when planning travel is important. Having the right to access and choice when it comes to #familyplanning: That’s a no brainer. Just ask #WheresTheFP?!
  • Where’s my wallet? Where’s my suitcase? #WheresTheFP? Good question! Keep asking so that you can empower women with the choice of #familyplanning. It’s no mystery!
  • Travel #selfies are great! Empowering women and girls through access to #familyplanning, well that’s amazing! Show your joy by sharing your selfie!
  • When women have access to #familyplanning, their opportunities grow by leaps and bounds. Asking #WheresTheFP helps keep women #empowered and traveling on the path to opportunity!

Sample Tweets

  • I’m asking #WheresTheFP because no matter where you go, you should have the right to #familyplanning access!
  • Travel #selfies are fun! So is getting the word out about #WheresTheFP—empower #women everywhere, ask now!
  • Mini shampoos? Check. Mini toothpaste? Check. Empowering women to ask #WheresTheFP no matter where I go? Check.
  • All access vacations are the best! All access to choices in #familyplanning are also the best! Ask #WheresTheFP

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