Contraception: Everybody wants it, but not everyone has it. 214 million women around the world want to determine if and when to have children, but lack access to family planning. Wait, what?! WTFP?!

Meet some of the people who are making a difference.

The Importance of Helping Others

From an early age, Dr. Claudine Monganza recognized the importance of helping others and was determined to become a physician. Today, as a Project Officer for EngenderHealth, advancing health for women in her community is her top priority.
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Dr. Monganza regularly finds that people lack the information they need to make the reproductive health decisions that are right for them. Women must be informed about their options.
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There is hope—the government in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is moving fast with its commitment to expand access to family planning. With increased access to opportunity, women’s futures are limitless, and Dr. Monganza is leading the way.
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To learn more about Dr. Monganza, visit Family Planning Voices.
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Zenebech and her husband Haile take great pride in raising their son, Dawit.


Mimi Amesa has become a trusted health leader in her rural community in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.


Fatema is one of 1,400 women who work at the Versatile Apparel factory in Dhaka.


A family planning champion in Ghana, trained by EngenderHealth.


A nurse in Ghana, trained by EngenderHealth.


A mother in Tanzania, receiving family planning services supported by EngenderHealth.


A mother in Bangladesh, receiving family planning services supported by EngenderHealth.


Sarah uses her role of peer educator to show that if you’re a young parent, it can turn out okay, and you can still get where you want to in life.


Enidyjoy is an EngenderHealth-trained Head Nurse at the Kalinzi Dispensary in Tanzania.

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