Cute Chubby Babies Explain Contraception: Social Media Toolkit

If the last video made you say “Ewww,” this one will make you go “Awww!” The new video is fresh, factual, and funny, and it will continue to raise awareness about the 225 million women worldwide who want to plan their families but lack access to modern contraception. Each video view unlocks $1 in funding for family planning and each share gets $2. There isn’t an easier way to raise much needed funding for family planning!

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Sample Facebook Posts

  • When #women have access to family planning they are more likely to survive childbirth and have healthier children. The NEW #WherestheFP video reveals all and unlocks funding! Each view gets $1 and each share gets $2 for #contraception!
  • The last video made you say, “Ewww.” This one will make you go, “Awww.” Think less grossness and more #cuteness. Watch the NEW #WheresTheFP video!
  • Access to #contraception allows moms to have healthier babies. But don’t take our word for it! Hear it from these tiny #superheroes in the NEW #WheresTheFP video!
  • What do baby #superheroes and increased earning potential have in common? Find out in the NEW #WheresTheFP video! Your curiosity will be rewarded! Each video view unlocks $1 in funding for #familyplanning and each share unlocks $2!
  • Access to #contraception is about having babies WHEN & IF a woman is ready. Healthy women = #superhero babies! Watch the NEW #WherestheFP video:
  • Oooh baby! Curious what all the fuss is about? Each time you view the NEW #WherestheFP video, you unlock $1 for #familyplanning. Each share gets $2. Now, you know what you need to do!
  • The 225 million women who want #contraception shouldn’t have to go to a galaxy far, far away to get it. Spread the word, unlock $ each time you view or share the NEW #WherestheFP video and increase access to #familyplanning!
  • Take it from this little #princess, access to #contraception = access to opportunities. Let a girl control her destiny, and there’s no telling how far (far away) she’ll go. #WheresTheFP

Sample Tweets

  • Women with access to #contraception stay in school longer. This brilliant baby approves! #youbethejudge #WheresTheFP
  • Oooh baby! Curious abt @EngenderHealth’s new #WherestheFP video?Each view unlocks $1 & each share $2.Spread the word!
  • What do #space captains have 2 do w/#familyplanning? Find out & RT in the new #WheresTheFP video! @EngenderHealth
  • This #baby knows that spacing #births=making sure that mom’s & babies live long &prosper @EngenderHealth #WheresTheFP
  • WARNING: The new #WheresTheFP video contains dangerous levels of cuteness. #Babies dressed in costume kind of #cute.
  • #Wow! This #baby #banker says women w/access to #contraception can earn up to 40% more. @EngenderHealth #WheresTheFP
  • No need to leave the galaxy to learn out-of-this-world facts on #contraception. Watch the new #WheresTheFP video
  • What you see is what we get! View the new #WherestheFP video and unlock $1 for #contraception. Shares unlock $2!

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