History's Worst Contraceptives: Social Media Toolkit

225 million women in developing countries who want to delay or avoid pregnancy lack access to contraceptives and family planning information and services.

EngenderHealth’s WTFP?! (Where’s The Family Planning) campaign aims to raise awareness among Americans of the millions of women around the world who cannot plan their families or their futures.

If you or your organization are interested in learning more or partnering with us on outreach activities, please e-mail wheresthefp@engenderhealth.org.

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Sample Facebook posts:

  • 225 million women in developing countries want contraception and family planning but lack access. WTFP?! Where's the Family Planning? @EngenderHealth #WheresTheFP bit.ly/wtfpfaq
  • Thimbles? Onion Juice? In every era, women have wanted to plan their families and their futures. Check out this video--it'll make you say, “ewww.” @EngenderHealth #WheresTheFP bit.ly/wtfpvid
  • It's a fact! When women have access to contraception they are more likely to survive childbirth, have healthier children, and go further in their education. @EngenderHealth #WheresTheFP bit.ly/wtfpfaq

Sample Tweets:

  • Thimbles? Onion Juice? In every era women have wanted to plan their families & futures. bit.ly/wtfpvid @EngenderHealth #WheresTheFP
  • Where's the Family Planning?! 225M women don't have access to contraception they want. bit.ly/wtfpfaq @EngenderHealth #WheresTheFP
  • RT if you agree! When women can plan their families, they can plan their futures. bit.ly/wtfpfaq @EngenderHealth #WheresTheFP
  • Cute video, important message: Every woman everywhere has a right to plan her future. bit.ly/wtfpvid @EngenderHealth #WheresTheFP
  • Plz RT! #Familyplanning saves lives & empowers women. Use #wheresthefp &unlock $1 to help women get #fp they want&need bit.ly/wtfpdata
  • For every #wheresthefp tweet @Engenderhealth receives $1 to help women in developing countries access #familyplanning. Join us! #wheresthefp
  • Please RT to unlock a $1 donation to help women get the #familyplanning & #maternalhealth they want & need. #wheresthefp bit.ly/wtfpgo

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WTFP?! is brought to you by EngenderHealth, a global women’s health organization committed to ensuring that every pregnancy is planned, every child is wanted, and every mother has the best chance at survival. Learn more about us.

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