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  • Injectable girl here! I'm grateful to have #FP but shocked by the number of women who don't! #TalkFP #WheresTheFP
  • I'm a proud IUD user! Unfortunately, 225m women want access to modern #FP but can't get it! #TalkFP #WheresTheFP
  • I take the pill every day! My birth control empowers me to take charge of my future! #TalkFP #WheresTheFP
  • Tubal ligation was a perfect choice for me—it's all about choice & access! Learn more: #TalkFP #WheresTheFP
  • My birth control implant is life-changing—for me and for the millions of women who have access! #TalkFP #WheresTheFP
  • 225M women want to choose if and when to have children but lack means, access & agency to do #WheresTheFP #TalkFP
  • I #TalkFP because my preferred method of contraception has empowered me in school, work & life! #WheresTheFP
  • My method of #birthcontrol was life-changing for me. #TalkFP for the 225M women who still lack access: #WheresTheFP
  • Condoms all the way! (literally!) #TalkFP #WheresTheFP
  • My favorite ring is my contraceptive ring! #TalkFP #WheresTheFP
  • #Vasectomy is a great form of family planning! Learn more here: #TalkFP #WheresTheFP
  • I wear my patch with pride because access to contraception has empowered me! #TalkFP #WheresTheFP
  • With access to FP, I’m able to go further in school, have healthier kids & earn more #WheresTheFP #TalkFP


What’s Your Method?!

The above methods are examples of various forms of modern contraception.
For a comprehensive list and to learn more about contraceptive methods, talk to your health care provider, or visit Planned Parenthood.


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