Tell your friends about WTFP?! (Where’s the Family Planning?!), and you’ll each get a great free app!

EngenderHealth is partnering with Bouqt to bring you the specially designed WTFP?! app, which has all of the functionality of myPill® Birth Control Reminder (for iOS and Android) enabled for free.

Sign up below. Then you'll be able to tell two friends (or more) about our campaign, and you’ll each receive a link to download the new app.


Even better? By telling your friends about WTFP?!, you can raise awareness about an important issue. When women can plan if and when they become pregnant, they are more likely to survive childbirth, have healthier babies, finish school, and earn more. Yet today, 225 million women around the world want access to contraception and don’t have it.

Are you asking WTFP?! So are we. Take action and get the word out. Let’s create a tidal wave of awesomeness starting now.

WTFP?! is brought to you by EngenderHealth, a global women’s health organization committed to ensuring that every pregnancy is planned, every child is wanted, and every mother has the best chance at survival. Learn more about us.

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