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RESPOND Tanzania

Throughout Tanzania, only 26% of women use modern methods of contraception. Many of these women live in remote areas of the country, where they lack reliable access to family planning services—particularly long-acting and permanent methods (LA/PMs) such as intrauterine devices and implants.

Building on the successes and lessons learned of EngenderHealth’s ACQUIRE Tanzania Project and global RESPOND Project, The RESPOND Tanzania Project works in Tanzania to address this unmet need for contraception and to advance the use of family planning and reproductive health services in Tanzania amongst women, men, and adolescents.

On a national and district level, EngenderHealth works with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to strengthen health systems, by standardizing training for health providers, ensuring availability of multiple contraceptive methods, and improving the integration of family planning with other reproductive health services. On a local level, EngenderHealth mobilizes communities, emphasizing rights and equal access to quality reproductive health services regardless of gender or age. Together, these strategies foster both innovation and sustainability, ensuring that women and their families in Tanzania can lead healthy lives.  

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