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Mobile Outreach Services Project

For many women and men living in remote areas of the world, having reliable access to family planning services—particularly those that offer long-acting and permanent methods (LA/PMs)—is not a reality. In response to this pressing need in Ethiopia, which has one of the lowest ratios of doctors per population of any country, EngenderHealth launched the Mobile Outreach Services Project in May 2012, in partnership with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health. Working in health care facilities in remote areas across three districts, we train health care providers to offer counseling that ensures women and men can make informed choices about a variety of family planning options, including LA/PMs. Additionally, we train community health workers to engage their communities by creating awareness about family planning, offering counseling, and conducting client follow-ups. They go house-to-house to ensure that everyone can be reached.

 The Mobile Outreach Services Project is already having a major impact. As of September 2013, we have reached nearly 12,000 clients in remote and underserved areas with LA/PMs. By the end of 2014, we seek to reach 20,000 new LA/PM clients.

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