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Awa, Souleymane, and Vasectomy: Stories from the RESPOND Project

4 of 4 (French, with English subtitles)

Although evidence suggests that good couple communication supports better use of family planning, few tools exist to encourage such communication in West Africa. To inspire couples to talk about family planning, the RESPOND Project developed four short documentaries profiling real couples who overcame their fears about long-acting and permanent methods of contraception. The videos depict the issues and decision-making processes each couple struggled with, as they inspire others to talk about family planning.

There are four videos in the series, each one focusing on a different couple and a different long-acting or permanent contraceptive method:

  1. Caroline, Zakaria, and the Implant focuses on a couple's decision to use the implant for birth spacing.
  2. Georgette, Arba, and the IUD profiles their decision to use an IUD for birth spacing.
  3. Veronique, Bernard, and Tubal Ligation highlights this couple's decision to obtain female sterilization for limiting.
  4. Awa, Souleymane, and Vasectomy describes their process for selecting no-scalpel vasectomy for their birth-limiting needs.

The videos are in French with English subtitles.

The RESPOND Project, managed by EngenderHealth, expands family planning services and improves reproductive health in developing countries around the world. Supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), RESPOND aims to increase access to a range of contraceptives, with particular focus on long-acting and permanent methods. These effective methods (implants, IUDs, and male and female sterilization) remain underutilized in many developing countries, even though they are safe, convenient, and cost-effective.

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