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This holiday season, give a gift that will go the distance for women who want the power to plan their families and their futures.

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Meet Enidyjoy, the head nurse at a rural clinic in Tanzania. Another provider might be daunted by the sheer number of clients waiting every day, but not Enidyjoy: She exudes a lively energy, which stems from her belief that women can lead better lives if they can plan their families.

She is one of more than 18,000 health care professionals trained by EngenderHealth last year to provide quality family planning and reproductive health care.

To date, Enidyjoy has helped thousands of people build brighter futures, and saved many lives in the process.

But there’s a long way to go. 225 million women around the world want contraception… but can’t get it.

Donate today and help EngenderHealth close the gap between women and critical reproductive health and family planning services.


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