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On the eve of World Contraception Day, EngenderHealth’s new Annual Report captures the impact of our work to help women have the number of children they want—not the number their circumstances dictate. Also in this issue:


Global Perspectives

  EngenderHealth President Pamela W. Barnes presents Dr. Mahamadou with a gift during her visit.
“What Women Want, the World Needs”
EngenderHealth’s new Annual Report showcases the impact we are having every day to increase women’s access to quality reproductive health care and enable them to build a brighter future for their children. Via stories and photographs, we capture the wide-reaching benefits of our work around the world through an overarching theme: “What women want, the world needs.” Check out an interactive online version of the report, where you can meet nurses, clients, families, and outreach workers who embody the positive results of our work.


Policy Updates

New White House Strategy to Address Gender-Based Violence
Last month, the White House launched the first-ever strategy (PDF, 1.8MB) to prevent and respond to gender-based violence (GBV) globally. The goal of the strategy is to improve our approach to addressing GBV abroad. To support the strategy, President Barack Obama created a working group to be chaired by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Raj Shah. Meanwhile, EngenderHealth is expanding our efforts across Sub-Saharan Africa, including in Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, and Guinea to prevent GBV and improve the response of law enforcement and health providers to GBV survivors.

Congressional Stalemate Ensues over Violence Against Women Act
The House and Senate have yet to resolve their differences on the Violence Against Women Act, a landmark 1994 law that addresses domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking in the United States. The House objects to new provisions in the Senate version of the bill, which includes special protections for Native Americans, immigrants, and gays and lesbians. The Senate bill also proposes increasing the number of special visas, known as “U visas,” that can be granted to immigrants who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently hit the 10,000 limit on U visas.


Global Perspectives


The RESPOND Project:
Making Contraceptive Choice a Reality

With support from USAID and the Rockefeller Foundation, the EngenderHealth-led RESPOND Project hosted a September 4–8 consultation in Bellagio, Italy, on women’s access to a choice of contraceptive methods, including the option of permanent contraception. Findings from the consultation are forthcoming.

Shang Ring Device Receives FDA Clearance in the United States
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the Shang Ring device for use in adult male circumcision, which reduces men’s risk of contracting HIV from a female partner by up to 64%. The Shang Ring can be safely used by all health providers, not just doctors. The procedure is sutureless, involves minimal bleeding, and takes 3–5 minutes. The FDA application included data from research that EngenderHealth conducted in Africa with Weill Cornell Medical College and FHI 360.

Survey Affirms: Parents Play Key Role in Teenage Sexuality, Pregnancy
When it comes to teenage sexuality, parents hold the greatest influence—over that of peers, the media, or teachers, according to a new survey (PDF, 1.1MB) by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. In the survey, 87% of teens (ages 12 to 19) agreed it would be much easier to postpone sexual activity and avoid pregnancy if they could have “more open, honest conversation about these topics with their parents.” EngenderHealth is leading Gen.M, an innovative teenage pregnancy program focused on exploring gender norms among adolescents in Austin, Texas.


In the News

In July 10 and August 6 articles (respectively), the International AIDS Society and European AIDS Treatment Group showcased the Shang Ring, a medical device for male circumcision with significant advantages over conventional surgery.

In a July 16 blog article, Women Deliver highlighted EngenderHealth’s efforts to improve reproductive health services in Ghana.

The Financial Times quoted EngenderHealth President Pamela W. Barnes in a July 7 special feature on the July 11 Family Planning Summit in London.

On July 10, RH Reality Check published a commentary by EngenderHealth President Pamela W. Barnes on the importance of ensuring the “Rights Kind of Progress for Women” at the Family Planning Summit.


Publications and Resources

The EngenderHealth-led RESPOND Project published a brief (PDF, 3.4MB) analyzing the factors for success in Malawi’s national family planning program, as well as a technical report (PDF, 2.1MB) examining attitudes and beliefs in Nigeria that hinder demand for long-acting and permanent methods of family planning.

The EngenderHealth-led Fistula Care project released a training curriculum (PDF, 2.5MB) to aid health care providers in enabling their clients to make informed and voluntary decisions about health services. The project also published a report on a November meeting (PDF, 370KB) to develop recommendations about the partograph, a decision-making tool for preventing and managing prolonged or obstructed labor.


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